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Rob Connor

Residential Sales

49 Studholme Street Morrinsville 3300
  • Length of Service - 10 Years
  • Jun 2019 - Captain's Club Captain's Club

About Rob Connor

I have been living in the greater Waikato for the past twenty years, from Cambridge to Tokoroa. Moving to Morrinsville in 2002 I have nestled in with the love of my life, Tyree and our children ,three. It's fair to say that I have cooked up a few things within the province, easy when you’re a fully qualified chef, NOT NAKED. From owning and operating three leading cafés in the mid eighties I have fed my enthusiasm for creation with a high level of motivation. The skills required to successfully manage fast paced café’s has allowed me to specialise in meeting peoples needs and desires. Sure it’s had some learning curves and even bigger challenges, but that has developed a good healthy life style. To burn excess energy? Just play a good old Rock’n’Roll tune and happy feet are set in motion. The whole family takes to dancing rock’n’roll like fish take to swimming!! Now featuring myself in the Real Estate world I offer the essential requirement of satisfying peoples necessities and their dreams. Priding myself with professionalism and positive relationships, I bring to my work personal marketing skills that are highly motivated and reinforced with creativity. It may be through my network that I provide some answers for you and your family. So, lets dance an innovative jig towards property marketing and cook up a storm with your requirements to complete that REAL ESTATE dream for you.